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She sat on his futon where the afternoon sun warmed a patch of plaid fabric.

The foam’s memory rendered it a popular spot.

Where’d you get the posters?

The microwave bleeped – he returned with cheddar-melted tacos.

Picked them up at the university bookstore – cool eh?

The Doors – Maggie McGill is playing on her tablet.


She took another sip of her postmodern float.

Yeah, they’re spatial fugues … repairing blown spaces from war and stuff.

Oh … they’re umm kind of future-scary – who drew them?

This is the CRUNK – I want my crib to be like that!

I see…

General’s wagging tail whacked the taco bowl to the floor

General! Sit you freak.   –   I guess he likes you

He’s friendly, where’d you get the name?

Tune from Dispatch – “The General”


Hey, get this, my uncle’s pal knows this dude who sold one of the smashed up guitars from some show called “The Smothers Brothers”, umm when “The Who” did a gig and blew the set up, can’t remember when, maybe after they shot Kennedy …

Anyway he used to work backstage, got some stupid money for it

Who’s the “Who”?

Yeah, I read something about JFK fooling around on Jackie

Pack ratting destroyed instruments and selling them 100 years later?

Peter Paul & Mary – Blowin in the wind


Guess some guys end up spending piles of cash on broken memories


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March 27, 2012 at 1:42 am

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