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On The Orgins of Béton Brut

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The photograph that proved the origins of Béton Brut: John Wayne discusses the practical nature of barn boards with Le Corbusier. Check out Corb’s improved, manly posture when hanging out with the “Duke” – “where real men are not afraid to credit wives and colleagues for individual accomplishments.”

Originally posted in   http://lebbeuswoods.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/diane-lewis-einstein-and-le-corbusier/ then assigned to await “moderation”.  Reminds me of a blow-out with the late Raimund Abraham, that took forever to explain, I wasn’t trying to f*** him around, that I sincerely cared for the seemingly common – it’s there that I learned from him and my father, a profound sense of authenticity.

Fellow architects on mentally expired warranties and tenures, holding a warm towel in your left hand and petroleum jelly on your right,  trapped in “rubricating” worship and servitude of guaranteed capital, especially other-discovered knowledge, take a risk, make it a personal one.

Salut:  Bošković, De Pretto, Poincaré, Lorentz …


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February 12, 2011 at 3:56 pm